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WIRC Photocell

by Sports Timing Systems

Performance, Reliability, Simplicity

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Low cost photocells that work seamlessly with T-Box via Bluetooth or cable.

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Expensive sports timing devices are history

WIRC Photocells provide the accuracy and manufacturing quality you would expect from a professional photocell at a fraction of the price and size.

Wireless communication and built-in fail safes.

To improve robustness and increase reliability, a two-way protocol is used in the communication between TBox-Radio and WIRC Photocells. In case of frequency jamming or poor radio transmission data can be resent several times.


Operating temperature: -20°c to 70°C
Precision: 1/1000sec
Battery Life: up to 100 hours
Dimension / weight: 111x60x27mm / 430gr

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