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by Sports Timing Systems

Performance, Reliability, Simplicity

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TBox, the smallest sports timing console on the market.

High-end electronic components and sophisticated firmware are housed in a simple and functional case, ensuring professional performance in a low-cost product.

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Expensive sports timing devices are a thing of the past

TBox is the most cost effective solution to fit many timing requirements (even if only used as a backup timing solution!) Not only is TBox significantly more economically priced than most other products, it is designed to integrate with many ancillary devices meaning no need to upgrade your existing photocells, displays or software. TBox also allows you to choose ancillary devices to suit your budget.

Peace of Mind timing

With its internal 2Gb memory you can forget those disastrous events where you lost your timing data.

Simple to configure and manage

The TBox design and technology follows the inspiration of how we all live our life today with Bluetooth technology and user Apps.

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