WIRC Wireless Photocell Set

Product Code: P10009

An all-weather mini masterpiece of engineering, reliably and precisely detecting man or machine with ultimate precision.

Virtually impossible to have a more precise way to measure time and speed “consistently” than an infra-red photocell.

£375.00 (ex. VAT)

€431.25 (approximate conversion)


Smart and compact, the Wireless Infra-Red Photocells (WIRC) is the must-have equipment to complete your timing system.

Its integrated design will simplify your installation, and ensure professional performances at competitive prices.

The Wireless Infra-Red Photocells (WIRC) detects and transmits impulses to the TBox-Radio timing console using a bidirectional radio protocol.

Wired connection to any timing devices can still be performed via a 3.5mm Jack connector located on the back.

Up to 4 WIRC can communicate with 1 TBox-Radio.


Box Contents

    • 1 x WIRC wireless Photocell Transmitter
    • 1 x WIRC wireless Photocell Receiver
    • 2 x USB Cable
    • 2 x Radio Antennae








4mm Banana Sockets




111 x 60 x 11mm

Wireless Radio

EU (869MHz) / US-CAN (920-924 MHz) / India (865-867MHz)


150 Hrs (Radio ON)
250 Hrs (Radio OFF)

Available as part of a kit

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