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Digital flag a success at UK’s largest kart racing club

Posted by Sports Timing on 21/05/2014 14:06

The UK’s largest kart racing club has seen significant improvements to their track communications and driver safety after upgrading to a new digital flag system from Sports Timing Systems.

Trent Valley Kart Club has been using Digi-Flag since the start of November for their racing events which are attended by over 800 racing members.

Digi-Flag allows officials to digitally display visual indications of circuit conditions, driver warnings and instructions instantly whilst the system continuously logs all interactions for post-race analysis.

Trent Valley Kart Club's Chairman and Clerk of the Course, Nigel Edwards said: “Since installing the Digi-Flag system we have seen a dramatic improvement to the speed and efficiency with which Race Control can communicate information to those on the track.”

Digi-Flag’s LED display can be operated by the start line official or remotely from race control and provides superior visibility over traditional flags and manual boards.

“Clear communication is a vital part of safety on and around the track. Digi-Flag allows us to hold races in difficult weather and visibility conditions with the added confidence that the drivers will definitely see the information displayed,” he said. 

“As every flag and warning displayed is logged, we can now produce and archive entire race incident reports with a simple mouse click.

“We use Digi-Flag as an all-in-one solution that is streamlining the way we run and analyse events and have no hesitation in recommending this to any other circuit.” 

Sports Timing Systems, in Staffordshire, are a sports timing solutions company and the UK agent for TAG Heuer.

The Lincolnshire based karting club is the first to use Digi-Flag, building on TVKC’s successful switch earlier this year to a new TAG Heuer transponder time-keeping solution which the club was also first to install.

Director of Sports Timing Systems, David Jones said: “We are very happy with the feedback that Digi-Flag has received and excited by the prospect of introducing the system to more race tracks.

“Motorsport has a long history of improvement through innovation and we are delighted to be a part of that.”


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