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Timing Systems


With todays cutting edge technology we are able to advise on a suitable system for your event. Whether you are involved in circuit or road racing, drag strip or street race we have a solution that will meet your demands. We also have the ability to provide bespoke solutions. So whether you are researching timing systems for elite professional motor sports or national and club level racing, whether you are a competitor, race team, event organiser or circuit operator we always have a suitable solution.

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The globally recognised TAG Heuer brand is synonymous with precision and innovation. Since 1860, TAG Heuer has continued to provide world leading timing equipment to some of the most demanding sports and high profile events.

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Winter Sport

TAG Heuer have a wealth of experience, professionalism and respect within the world of ski racing. With numerous World Ski Championships and Olympics involvement with timekeeping since 1860 TAG Heuer enjoyed the unique opportunity of putting their experience into practice - and have in the process produced some of the worlds most professional and highly accurate sports timing equipment available.

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TAG Heuer provide timing systems to cater for many cycling events including cross country, downhill, cyclo-cross, 4cross, velo, sprint, endurance and many more. With the opportunity to utilise either the traditional photocell and chronoprinter systems or the latest transponder automatic identification systems - TAG Heuer have a solution to meet many sports.

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Other Sports

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