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by Sports Timing Systems

Designed by professionals

Smart-Jumping is an intuitive app designed by sports timing professionals to manage your timing and results requirements for Show Jumping Events.

A fully functioning application to streamline and uplift your event by introduction of a reliable and innovative simple to use app.

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*iPad NOT INCLUDED / Requires Annual £48 Subscription

Cost Effective Timing

  • Our Timing Apps are free to download.
  • You can use all functionalities and prepare your show jumping events without any restriction.
  • Timing credits are then purchased in order to time your competitions.
  • The first 5 results are free of charge, then 1 credit will be required per new result.

Manage your competitions

  • Create and configure new competitions in a few taps.
  • Open, edit or remove existing competitions.
  • Import / export all your data via Email or Bluetooth.

Competitors list

  • Add, edit or remove competitors.
  • Import list from other iPads or via Email.
  • Export list by Email or Bluetooth.
  • Convert your list to PDF and print.
  • Create a start list for each round.

Timing couldn’t be easier

  • Select a competitors to start.
  • Start timing from your iPad or TBox.
  • Allocate penalties, edit results and correct errors at any time.

Results and ranking

  • Smart and presentable results report.
  • Simple correction of timing errors.
  • Export to CSV file or PDF for printing.

Need help?

Visit our web page for a host of tutorials and user guides.
You will also find a set of short videos to guide you through the app.
This is also a convenient way to learn new methods, features and functionalities.

Online Tutorials
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