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RF Decoder

by TAG Heuer

New decoder for use with RF transponders. It is the ideal solution for overcoming noise which causes other timing systems to fail to detect the transponder.


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The RF decoder is the ideal solution for over coming noise issues at rental kart and other low speed motorsport events like motocross and minibikes.

Radio communication improves on many other timing systems as it uses a robust protocol to prevent any loss of information.

A loop on the ground activates the RF transponder, then the RF decoder receives the information from the transponder by radio.

The RF decoder can detect up to 50 transponders in the same tenth of a second giving you peace of mind for bunch finishes.


  • Loops management (1 to 8)
  • Clock stability : Oscillator TCXO 0.5 ppm
  • Resolution : 0.001 s
  • Temperature range : -20 to 55 °C (-4 to 131 °F)
  • Dimensions : 272 x 276 x 96 mm (10.7 x 10.8 x 3,7 in)


  • Power supply 12 VDC
  • 1 loop
  • 1 timing impulse (to connect a photocell)
  • 1 manual impulse (to simulate a transponder passing)
  • 1 audio (beep for each transponder passing)
  • 1 Ethernet


  • 1 year
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