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Pocket Pro Training Dartfish

by TAG Heuer

The all-in-one training and video analysis solution

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The Pocket Pro Dartfish App, Pocket Pro HL400-DF, gives users access to timekeeping functions dedicated to training in athletics and swimming with "mydartfish express" app.

The two specific modes provide the user with the ability to time and monitor activities including Sprint Training and swimming to record and analyse number of strokes, differential timesand average strokes.

The App “myDartfish Express” includes specific training modes in Athletic – mode A, in Swimming training – Mode B, in addition to the standard modes – Stopwatch and Count Down (Cd).

Partnership with Dartfish

Professional timing is not only our strong suit, it's our passion. That's why we've partnered with Dartfish, savvy Swiss video software developers, to create the most innovative stopwatch to date.

Coupling analysis systems and our expertise in watchmaking, we have developed the TAGHeuer PocketPro, a stopwatch that simultaneously captures video with integrated time for sports training and coaches of all disciplines. The "smart" tool makes sure you #DontCrackUnderPressure when it's most important.

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