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TAG Heuer by Lynx Wintersport Camera

by TAG Heuer

Wintersport Photo-Finish Camera

Product card

Following the numerous experiences conducted in Switzerland at the Snowboard Parallel FIS championship and the Skicross EuropaCup during the 2010 winter season, TAG Heuer's Timing department proudly presents the new TAG Heuer by Lynx Photo Finish Camera, with an accuracy to 1/3,000th of a second, as its most powerful piece of timing technology to date dedicated to the Winter sports events. Epitomizing TAG Heuer's reliability and precision, this camera is the result of a close partnership with Lynx Systems Developers, Inc.

Hardware specifications:

- Maximum Time Resolution: 1/3,000th of a second
- Sensor Type: Single Line CCD
- Maximum Acquired Image Height: 4000 pixels
- Maximum Line-Scan Rate: 3,000 lines/sec.
- Maximum Pixel Rate: 40Million Pixels/sec
- Maximum Pixel Depth: 2Million colours
- Capture Method: Manual, Automatic, Photo Eye, Timed
- Standard Lens Mount: F-mount,Reflex Viewer, Auto Iris
- Maximum Frame Height: 4000 pixels
- Image Compression: Real-time Lossless
- Distance from Computer: Up to 2000 m
- Time Base: ±1ppm from -30 to 50ºC
- Computer Interface: Wired Ethernet
- Power: 12 V DC or 90-264 V AC, 47-63Hz

Distinctive features:

- Full integration with TAG Heuer by Chronelec decoders and transponders or TAG Heuer CP545 for Intermediate and Lap Timing.
- Sharing of the timing data from each independent system across a secure, fully redundant results network to assure the accuracy and integrity of results.
- WIFI connection ( Option)
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