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HL975-S Mini Display

by TAG Heuer

Worlds First Autonomous Intelligent LED Display

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Innovative functionalities – superior to existing products

Apart from the traditional Time Base functions - PTB -, countdown, clock and drop-down messages,  the HL975 –S introduces two new functions:

The TAG Heuer Timing Research & Development team has capitalized on two well-known principles of motor racing. Its many years’ experience of motor racing championships as well as its very active partnership with the FIM (International Motorcycling Federation) have highlighted the needs felt for vital functions: display of the Starting Lights, and the Speedtrap function.  

Totally integrated into this unique tool, they usefully supplement the conventional display panel functions. This greatly benefits the users, who can break completely free – in all locations – from the technical constraints imposed by the circuits.

- The Starting Lights function makes it possible to generate a starting sequence, consisting of 5 individually configured multi-colour lights, enabling the user to present start sequences of any configuration.

- The Speedtrap function is the very essence of the Mini-Display Timer. It allows one to very accurately, measure and display a speed between two measured points, and to display a running time or a net time between a start and finish.

Extremely Portable!!

Measuring 10 cm in height, and 30 cm long and 7 cm wide when folded, which is the size of a small travel bag , the HL975-S has very limited dimensions.

Easy to transport - light and compact - and equipped with software - the HL975 Manager – which simplifies the configuration of the functionality used, it’s amazingly easy to use.

But this does not mean its display functionalities have been forgotten:

· Visibility up to 50 meters

· 8x48 LED matrix of 10x60x7 cm

· Multi-colour LED

· 2 x RS232 communication buses

. 2Kg total weight including padded flight bag

· TAG Heuer standard protocol (compatible with CP540, Minitimer, HL940 clock, Elite V3 software), as well as TAG Heuer by Lynx software

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