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Philosophy for the Future

"At TAG Heuer, we constantly push boundaries to offer you highly innovative timing products and moments full of adrenalin."

David Jones, Director of Sports Timing Systems

Like the engineers and dedicated customer support team that bring you our global timing solutions, make your own rules, create your own path and don't crack under pressure.


Working closely with our partners, Sports Timing Systems is committed to the philosophy of Every Millisecond Counts with a timing systems from us guaranteeing accurate results.

With many of our solutions built on the Photocell device with accuracy certified to 1 / 1000th of a second, you can be assured that our strive for accuracy will be realised at your event.

So whether you are timing for 24 seconds, minutes or hours, your confidence in the results won’t be questioned.


Timing show jumping events is far from simple and requires the dedication of timekeepers and judges working with specialist timing equipment to achieve the accuracy demanded by both the riders and their federations.

The equestrian sport has evolved leaps and bounds since its conception almost three centuries ago with varying classes and rules adding to the complexity of the timing and scoring.

Since 1860, TAG Heuer has continued to provide world leading timing equipment to some of the most demanding sports and high profile events.

With this knowledge and wealth of experience TAG Heuer Professional Timing set out to meet the high demands of timekeepers working in specific disciplines, resulting in the most comprehensive and accurate timing range for equestrian sports - achieving FEI certification.

Customer Experience & Partnerships

Youthstream is pleased to announce that TAG Heuer has become the official Timekeeper of the FIM Motocross World Championship.

A key player in the Motor racing championships since its origins, TAG Heuer will provide its timing expertise and knowledge to the FIM World Championships.

As a result of the newly formed partnership, TAG Heuer will power the timing system of the FIM Motocross World Championship.

Teams from Youthstream and TAG Heuer have worked together to develop and test the most precise and reliable timing technology available, that will match with the very demanding rules of the MXGP championship.