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Multi-Colour MLED Display (3 Panels)

by Sports Timing Systems

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MLED, light, compact and modular color display panel.

Resolution of 32 x 16 Leds per module.

MLED can be assembled side by side to form a custom size timing screen.

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The MLED Display introduces a new, flexible way to build your timing screens on race day. With its lightweight and modular design you can use as many panels as you need to build your desired display size for your event.

Each panel weighs just 800 grams so connecting the displays and mounting them is light work. Each MLED has a definition of 32×16 dots and can be assembled side by side up to a total of 8 modules. Multi lines can also be placed on top of each other.

MLED uses simple RS232 communication making it compatible with most timing software or alternatively links directly with your TBox timing device via the RS232 output.

Sports Timing Systems recommends a base “MLED-3S” kit contains 3 MLED panels, an aluminium mounting frame, connection cable and power supply.

Optional Battery Box - £305 plus VAT

  • Power your display directly from the storage and transport case.
  • Slots for everything you need on race day.
  • Compact and durable for a life on the road.
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