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by TAG Heuer

The all-in-one track display solution for race tracks and circuits

  • Digital Images and Video
  • Integrated Start Light Sequence
  • Lap Counter

The all-in-one track display provides clear visual indication of circuit conditions, driver warnings and instructions instantly whilst continuously logging all interactions – streamlining events and improving safety.

Packed with Features

Visually superior

The bright LED screen penetrates through the most challenging of weather and visibility conditions to relay information to the drivers on the ground.

More than just a display

Beyond flag and data display, DiGi-Flag is also a fully integrated start light solution and lap counter, powering a host of functionality from one simple device.

Software made simple. The user friendly and intuitive software makes it extremely quick to manage Race Control to Driver information whilst all the time building a comprehensive report of each and every action.

Full data collection

All incident data concerning what happened, when and what action was taken is logged and time stamped for post-race analysis, making DiGi-Flag the only track display system you need.

Race of Champions

TAG Heuer reinforced its century-long commitment to motorsport this weekend as sponsor of the celebrated 'Race Of Champions' that saw 20 of the world's greatest drivers and riders from Formula One, Le Mans, WRC, Indy Car, Nascar and Moto GP battle it out in London's former Olympic stadium to determine who really is the 'best of the best'.

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